Materials, and Residential and Commercial Renovation Challenges

Materials, and Renovation Challenges

There are many choices involved in material to select. NE Contracting designs team will work very close with customers and understand their ideas and needs. Some general design instruction we fallow to collect ideas and get ideas to design tiles, stones and shapes. Our customer easily visualizes ideas of their needs that they get what they want. And loves the finished renovated projects.


NE Contracting involved in many projects over the years such as Residential, commercial and institutional. Renovation may not go what you have planned such as budged, timing, Safety and expectation.

Budget is an issue with construction. It may go over budged and thinks may not go what you have planned. You may have a budged and contingency plan however NE contracting always finished project on budged by bringing solutions and with their experience.

Although time you cannot control. The contractor may get delayed due to manufacturer ordered materials. NE Contracting always plan materials and trade before the schedule and obey the delaying projects. With NE Contracting you are always on time.

Safety is our most important priority. Site cleaning, safety and insurance will be there when we start the project. NE Contracting has $5 Million labially insurance and top point on WSIB. Over the years NE Contracting never had any incident on the job sites. We make sure your project will finish safely.

Finally the expectation of the finish design of drawings must reach your %100 of your expectation. NE contracting team put all of their energy to finish project come out looking how you imagined they would.

As you can see. Professionalism of NE Contracting is ready for your project to finish with as budgeted, on time , Safe and expectation. As a General Contractor we can estimate your projects at no cost the Home and commercial owners.